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Valentine all year long

Many says that Valentine is the most romantic day of the year. Blog posts are full of pictures with hearts and kisses and a lot more stuff which I personally can't really stand. Im not against romantic mood, but Im not a big fan of "too much sugar" as well. But, since that very romantic day is about to come I decided to break the rules and show up in my new pastele blue set from SS'2016 :)  But, let's be serous for a while about Valetine's day. The reason why I don't celebrate it is very simple. I have Valentine's day every day since nine years and it looks like it's gonna be a never ending story :) And...

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A Wise man Said

A wise man said - If you are proud of what you launch, you probably are too late. Well, I agree and disagree with it. I can't say I'm not proud of myself after all I've been through, but I surely can't say, that this is the top point. I've been thinking about this first post and what it should be about and honestly I was freaking out of writing it in english, but WTH, you only live once, right? :) Getting back to the topic, I believe dreams have huge power and when you dream the whole universe is by your side. But It's not the Universe waking up every morning, tired or not, happy or totally upset going...

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