A Wise man Said

A wise man said - If you are proud of what you launch, you probably are too late. Well, I agree and disagree with it. I can't say I'm not proud of myself after all I've been through, but I surely can't say, that this is the top point. I've been thinking about this first post and what it should be about and honestly I was freaking out of writing it in english, but WTH, you only live once, right? :)
Getting back to the topic, I believe dreams have huge power and when you dream the whole universe is by your side. But It's not the Universe waking up every morning, tired or not, happy or totally upset going to work and doing your job. It is you, who must face the reality and get things done. So, before you let anyone (or yourself) to break your spirit, remeber, Rome wasn't build in a day... And at this point, I agree with the wise man...
You can't wait till you are perfect in something, perfection is myth, it doesn't exsit. But it shows up in every little thing that you push yourself to achieve. Taking small steps and learning from mistakes is a ahuge skill, so I am launching this new online strore with pride. Not because it's a perfect, beautifull and one of kind store. But what fills me with pride is my work. After 4 years in shoe industry, developing butiques I decided to create a clothing brand with a handfull of knoweledge about this industry. I begin a new journey and I hope you guys will jump on this train with me. So, enjoy the products, get back with your insights and help me to get better and better. 


The very first tops of my line. I can't describe with words what I felt that moment, when I finaly could touch it.  

The #MissIsBoss Gymnastique Academy cotton bag. Another step in expanding the range of items. 

The first leather bag





First costom prints, created by #Bissisboss Lady Chic London and New York 

Current collection