Valentine all year long

Many says that Valentine is the most romantic day of the year. Blog posts are full of pictures with hearts and kisses and a lot more stuff which I personally can't really stand. Im not against romantic mood, but Im not a big fan of "too much sugar" as well. But, since that very romantic day is about to come I decided to break the rules and show up in my new pastele blue set from SS'2016 :) 

But, let's be serous for a while about Valetine's day. The reason why I don't celebrate it is very simple. I have Valentine's day every day since nine years and it looks like it's gonna be a never ending story :) And for this reason I want to say thank you to all my unfulfilled loves, romances and platonic lovers. I am such a lucky girl that you guys are now only my past. If one of you was the one back in days, I'm pretty sure my life wouldn't look like Valentine's day right now. So thank you for the lessons and thank you to myself for this rare ability of listening to brain same loudly as I listen to my heart. 

P.S. I hope you like the the blue set :)