About Us

Long Story, Short

It all started twenty years ago. In head of a twelve years old girl with twenty dollars in her pocket, who just arrived to a foregin country. She didn't know the language, didn't know the streets, didn't have friends and actually no future in front. It was when she grew up during one day from a twelve years old to at least twenty five and realized that, from now on, everything is in her hands. And this is where the idea of #MissIsBoss took it's beggining. Yeah, it was long before the #Girlboss :)


#MissIsBoss Phylosophy

A MissIsBoss needs functional clothes. Her power comes from her mind, not from what she's wearing. However, she knows how to have fun of wearing this or that, but wearing something never defines her as a person. She needs good clothes, quality and style. She knows how to use trends, but most of all she loves classic style. A MissIsBoss appreciates herself and invests in good quality wardrobe. She knows how to charm and flirt and she never forgets to smile. 


How Our Clothes Are Made

We are proud of our country's heritage in fields of weaving and knitting. As one of the largest manufacturers of knitted fabrics in Europe, we proudly use the quality that local factories offer. We belive that quality always should be over quantity. Every item under MissIsBoss and Cochic brands are designed and produced with love and care. We cooperate with best local tailor shops and constructors. Every item you see is designed by #MissIsBoss herself. 


Where Are We

We are based in Warsaw, Poland (that foreign country where #MissIsBoss arrived 20 years ago) Before we launched our clothing line we used to develope shoe stores with quality, rare european brands. We provide special shoes selection on this store, so feel free to order a pair. Our clothing line is available online and in our stationary butique in one of Warsaw's fashionable shopping centers. Don't forget to visit us during your stay in Warsaw, we have the best coffee in there :)